Prunella Clough - Tate Archive

Anything that the eye of the mind’s-eye sees with intensity and excitement will do for a start; a gasometer is as good as a garden, probably better; one paints what one knows.

To record this, experience, the original image must be reconstructed; it grows as a crystal, or a tree grows, with its own logic.  Drawings work out the idea in many ways, slowly feeling towards clarity and order; stone or wood, oil-paint or watercolour, these have the last word.

Whatever the theme, it is the nature and structure of an object – that, and seeing it as if it were strange and unfamiliar, which is my chief concern.

Prunella Clough – Statement from ‘Seven Artists Tell Why They Paint’ 1949

I'm a massive fan of Prunella Clough, the way she transforms the ordinary urban environment into paintings that are almost abstract but full of echoes and resonances of her source material is something that I keep returning to for inspiration.

The Tate has a brilliant online archive of some of her working materials; photographs, sketches, notes, gives a wonderful insight into her process and practice.