Potlatch: Clerkenwell

I have some work going into Imprint, a show with makers across a range of disciplines that use print techniques in their work, at Craft Central during London Design Festival in September. I am making some new work specially for it that takes as its starting point the surfaces and textures of the streets and building of Clerkenwell and I've been photographing the area immediately around the gallery

The street and road markings are one of those things that you normally overlook but once one catches your eye you can't help but look at them, there is something about the way the lines work when you crop the image fairly tightly and they start to lose their immediate context.  There is also some great old mosaic type tiling at the base of the building on the opposite side of St John's Square, it has a really limited palette and the regularity of the pattern lets you see the subtlety of the colour changes.

I'm working with these surfaces through mono-printing from textured plaster boards to create slabs to build some of my jar and cylinder forms.  I'm also working on some wall panels which is a new direction for me.


Potlatch--Clerkenwell,-sour Clerkenwell-Source-10 Clerkenwell-Source-4 Potlatch---Clerkenwell,-souClerkenwell-Source-5 Clerkenwell-Source-9  Clerkenwell-Source-7 Clerkenwell-Source-6