Chatham Docks

An interesting trip to Chatham Docks a couple of weeks ago though predictably it was the history of the various trades on the site that interested me as much as the ships and submarines. The guided tour of  The Ropery with its quarter mile rope walk was entertaining (thanks to a real live 'victorian' guide and a group of school children) and enlightening as I don't think I'd really thought about how rope was made before, or how many everyday sayings come from it.  There is still a commercial ropemakers based there.

Visually I was most drawn to the remnants of the shipyard as a a working site and in particular a number of electrical junction and switch boxes.  I really like the arrangement of them on the wall, they way they make their own composition especially when they are connected.  They are really pulling me toward some abstract experimentation and might be the prompt that finally gets me back into the print studio.