Anselm Kiefer: Il Mistero delle Cattedrali | White Cube

Great show at the White Cube in Bermondsey with a lot of work covering a 20 year period. The large paintings of Tempelhof are particularly impressive. There is something very interesting (exciting?) in the way he combines resonant materials; lead, salt, plaster; images and motifs; aeroplanes, sunflowers, wings and plays with references; obscure alchemical texts, recent and ancient history.

The ideology of alchemy is the hastening of time, as in the lead-silver-gold cycle which needed only time in order to transform lead into gold.  In the past the alchemist sped up this process with magical means.  That was called magic.  As an artist I don't do anything differently.  I only accelerate the transformation that is already present in things.  That is magic, as I understand it.

Anselm Kiefer: Il Mistero delle Cattedrali | White Cube.

Opus Magnum - Anselm Kiefer - 2010 - 44228  'Il Mistero delle Cattedrali', White Cube Bermondsey, London - Anselm Kiefer -  - 44290